We want to recognise and celebrate contributions made by individuals, community groups, local authorities and others who provide or support access to high quality play experiences for children which make the right to play a reality.

If you know of anyone who deserves to be recognised then please let us know and we’ll contact them so they can enter.

Please provide us with as much information as you can and we’ll get in touch with them.

Also let us know which award category you’re suggesting they are nominated for:-

  • Play in the HomeĀ (including home childcare)
  • Play in Nursery and School (including Early Years Childcare)
  • Play in the Community (including Out of School Care)
  • Positive Support for Play (including campaigns, advocacy, research etc)

You can nominate a project or person using our online form;

Alternatively you can download this form “Nomination for Awards for Play”and when completed email it to us at

Or do you know an organisation or someone who deserves an award?

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