National awards applaud play projects raising the bar

Grassroots play projects in Scotland have already raised the bar and many work with their local communities to set up free play facilities and get more children playing outside.

The Nancy Ovens Trust is celebrating the achievements of play in Scotland with the re launch of our annual awards. This year awards will be expanded to include play in the home, community, schools and nurseries and support for play provision.

After over a decade of Nancy Ovens Trust Awards we have awarded dozens of projects doing groundbreaking work in play.

Recent research has shown that children are not doing enough physical activity so the work of the Trust to promote and celebrate projects bucking that trend is more important than ever.


“It’s an exciting time in play. Communities across Scotland are now leading the way with innovative play projects that children and young people helped to design. And it’s now recognised that play is just as important as health and education. We are building on this with the re launch of our awards to reflect and applaud the scope and impact of play work around Scotland.”

“At the Trust we help promote projects based on the ethos risk and adventure is not just great fun but that children learn skills and judgement though play. And these are skills that stay with them for life. The standards of projects awarded shows that Scotland is truly leading the way in play.”

Fraser Falconer

Chair of the Nancy Ovens Trust and Chair of the Scottish Government Play Strategy Advisory Group

Or do you know an organisation or someone who deserves an award?

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