Eoropie Dunes Park

Nancy Ovens Outstanding Contribution to Play Award 2007

Eoropie Dunes Park is set in stunning sandy dunes and natural machair (grassland) in the far north of the Isle of Lewis. It is a unique play space for children, community members and visitors of all ages.

The park offers something for everyone: a traditional playground, a free-play area with a zip-wire, tunnels, an embankment slide, a cycle and skateboard zone, a maze, adventure trail and more to be discovered through the extensive site.

“Most adventurous, natural play park we’ve ever visited.”

The park offers traditional playground features, adventure trails and much to be discovered through the extensive site which encourages children to explore and enjoy the freedom to play with natural materials, such as water, sand, plants and stone within the natural habitat. Eoropie Dunes Park is a great meeting point for people, it increases social interaction and helps to reduce health inequalities in this island community.  Find out more here [Link to full case study]


Eoropie Dunes Park, Isle of Lewis,

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