Coatbridge Parkour Park

Nancy Ovens Award for “Innovative provision in a play landscape for children and young people” 2015

Coatbridge Parkour Park is unlike anything else in Scotland and quite possibly the biggest of its kind in the UK. The park opened in the summer of 2014 through partnership between North Lanarkshire Council, CultureNL and Coatbridge Parkour

“The park is brilliant to train in, and having it on the doorstep is tremendous as parkour is a great thing to be involved in and a great way to keep fit”

Parkour or “free running” is a growing sport that sees youngsters navigate the urban environment through creative, physical and non-competitive activity. The design of the facility blends in with the park surroundings and enables training to continue all year round as well as providing safe, sociable space for young people to spend time. Find out more here [Link to full case study]

Coatbridge Parkour Park


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