Awards for Play 2014

Sam Leask Memorial Park , ‘Outstanding Award for Endeavour’

sam leask memorial park

Sam and his family live in Kirkton near Dumfries. Following his sad early death at the age of 9 ,a collection was held at Sam’s funeral in 2012. Play equipment was bought for an area that Sam loved to play on. The resultant play space is the consequence of an amazing achievement  by the family and friends to bring into being a very special play park.

Stepps Play Park , ‘Best Space for Play 2014’

stepps play park

Started in 2010, a group of friends felt passionate about improving and revitalising an existing community park in Stepps in North Lanarkshire. Following public consultations on the design , they set about raising over £200,000. This has resulted in a wonderful play area that mixes the natural outdoors and formal play space and is a great example for other neighbourhoods across Scotland .

‘Ayrshire Council’ Travellers Project, ‘Best use of change through Play 2014’

travellers project

Through the involvement of a range of agencies, the Council’s various community services came together to provide play opportunities on a weekly basis for children and their cares at a travellers site. Through play all those involved began to improve their  health and well  being and to get access to services like libraries. This is a  great example of imaginative  local coordination for play.

Jeely Piece Club,  ‘Commendation for enterprise in Play 2014’

jeely piece club

Working with schools throughout Glasgow, a small team of outdoor workers  based in Castlemilk, has provided woodland play sessions in flexible ways that meet the needs of a whole range of children. The service works all year round and through the activities has not only helped many children but also show the possibilities for adventure outdoor play in many built up environments across Scotland

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