Awards for Play 2011

Councillor Alan Ross, Fraser Falconer and Theresa Casey

Everyone had fun at the 2011 Nancy Ovens Awards in Dundee on the 11th of September including Councillor Alan Ross – Deputy Convenor of the Environment Committee of the Council, Fraser Falconer – Chair of the Trustees and Theresa Casey – President of the International Play Association (IPA), who presented the 2011 Awards. In addition to the Council’s hospitality, their playworkers provided great fun sessions at the Charleston Centre and at the play area at Myrekirk which was a previous Award winner.


Winner – The Drumpellier Park North Lanarkshire Council  – Best Play Space 2011

The Drumpellier Park has been an important play facility within the Coatbridge area for many years. It was further developed between 2007 and 2010 with a new play area that is accessible and maximises its usage of play for the whole community, especially for children with disabilities and their carers. The Park is challenging and incorporates the use of loose materials such as sand, slate, bark and log piles. Sensory items and the occasional support of play workers help make wet and messy play available to everyone. The new designs for play were arrived at by North Lanarkshire Council through extensive consultation with children and adults.


Winner – Auchlone Nature Kindergarten & Family Forest Crieff  – Best Play Experience 2011

The happy Auchlone Nature Kindergarten winners

The Auchlone Nature Kindergarten was formed three years ago by the transformation of a derelict gatehouse into a learning environment. By use of natural materials both inside and outside, a creative and challenging environment has been created with a range of opportunities for play. The philosophy of putting children’s voices at the centre of it all means that there is participation by children in the ongoing management and development of the facilities. The Family Forest has demonstrated that children of all ages and abilities can explore in ways that helps them at the same time develop themselves, test themselves to new limits and have fun.


Commendation – Poppies Pre School, Laurencekirk 2011

Poppies Pre School Laurencekirk

The Nancy Ovens Trust commends the work undertaken at Poppies to provide challenge, creativity and imagination for a great play experience within a nursery setting.


Commendation – Kristie Burnett Friends of Sandy Park, Dundee 2011

Kirstie Burnett Friends of Sandy Park, Dundee

The Nancy Ovens Trust commends the outstanding community participation work carried out by Kristie Burnett. She has shown great leadership in gathering a wide range of support that has transformed the Sandy Park into a good place to play.


Commendation – Midlothian Association of Play 2011

midlothian Association of play

The Nancy Ovens Trust commends The Free2Play Project for its promotion and support of the need to recognise and provide enriching play opportunities no matter where children play, and for their provision of innovative holiday playschemes in communities throughout Midlothian.


Commendation – The Friends of MacRosty Park,Perth 2011

The Nancy Ovens Trust commends the exemplary community participation and partnership work with the Perth and Kinross Council to bring about the changes and refurbishment of MacRosty Park

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