Awards for Play 2010

The Nancy Ovens Awards 2010 –  Held at the Raploch Campus, Stirling, and 11th September.

The Awards were presented by Scott Hastings, former Scotland and British Lions rugby internationalist and Jenny Hastings, Trustee of the Nancy Ovens Trust.

Award for Play winner 2010

Outstanding Community Award for Play – Edinburgh Skatepark Project (ESP)

ESP was formed following a public meeting on 21 November 2001 in response to young people’s call for a skatepark in Edinburgh. The skate park is located within Saughton Park in Edinburgh and opened in 2010. It covers approximately 2100 square metres and has a mix of bowl and street features to cater for all skill levels.  ESP group members have been part of the planning and project team for all the developments since 2001. Local adults and young people have taken part in city wide consultations, presentations and design workshops.  School children in the community have been actively involved in graffiti art workshops as part of the skatepark design.  Young people from ESP continue to be involved in the skatepark management group.

Award for Play winner 2010

The Best Promotion of Outdoor Play – East Ayrshire Council 

The East Ayrshire Positive Play Project has successfully delivered free play activities through our seasonal Grounds 4 Play events. This provided children with the freedom of self expression and being able to show their creativity and learn about the world around them. Being outdoors is a sociable experience for children and allows for problem solving and team working, which are important life skills. Also it allows children to reclaim and play in their local open spaces and it opens their imagination up to what they can do. This leads on to confidence and self esteem being increased when they are actively encouraged to participate in outdoor, risky play. There is much to be learned from the Play Team of this Council.

Award for Play winner 2010

The Best Innovative Design of a Play Space – Myrekirk Park Playscape- Dundee

Myrekirk Park Playscape is an enhancement to local green space providing an attractive place for children, young people and families to spend time and appreciate a sense of history about the place in a way that is sensitive to its setting. The playscape reflects the passion of the Dundee West Regeneration Forum to see Myrekirk Park used well and cared for.  Now families and people of all ages can enjoy a new local play environment. Later this year, community involvement will continue with the help of local people, both young and old, in the planting of drifts of bulbs within the playscape. A local artist proposes to place at the centre of the storytelling circle, a stone tablet with an incised geometric pattern, augmenting the new landscape.  The Standing Stones may have functioned as an early form of calendar and the design for the tablet alludes to this but is also indicative of a boardgame that may spark imaginative children’s play.

Award for Play winner 2010

Best opportunities for Development through Play – PEEK (Possibilities East End Kids) – Calton, Glasgow

PEEK began providing activities for children aged 5-12 in the Gallowgate and Calton areas of Glasgow’s East End in October 2000.  Over the time of development with PEEKs play programme they have built valuable relationships up with local people, parents, guardians, members of community groups, schools etc Amongst the positive differences there has been an increased physical and emotional health and well-being and self esteem of the children . This has been the basis of increases in numeracy and literacy which in turn will develop successful learners and access to life chances.

Free play via PEEK leads kids to doing their own free play which contributes to a reduction in territorial barriers (gangs) with the ability to explore new things and take risks.

Best Creative use a Space for Play – West Nursery Class and Maxwellton Park Nursery, Paisley

This small garden gives the children a safe place in which to develop their investigative and enquiry skills whilst enjoying the benefit of messy outdoor play. It has allowed children to see the importance of planning effectively and has shown that if you voice your ideas well then you can effect change. It has allowed for a true partnership between children and adults with genuine consultation taking place. It’s a great example of achieving a lot with little !


Award for Play winner 2010

Glebelands Nursery Class in Dundee for its involvement of children in play

Certificates of Commendation were be awarded to 

  • The Friends of Dalmeny Street Park, Edinburgh for its community involvement  approach to improving play
  • First Nursery, Linlithgow for its involvement of  children in the  development  of their play facilities 
  • Glasgow City Council for the design of the new play facilities at Ruchill Park.

The  Nancy Ovens Trust are very grateful to Stirling Council for hosting the Awards and providing a great day of fun and enjoyment.

Or do you know an organisation or someone who deserves an award?

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