Free Range Falkland Estate, Fife

Free Range Park

Best Play Experience 2013

Free Range in Fife improve the quality of life for vulnerable primary school-aged children through outdoor play. The Free Range base camp is deep in the woods and hosts two giant tipi tents, a large sheltered communal area, wood burning stove and on-site composting toilets.

“Who knew being outdoors can be so much fun? People are always on tablets and stuff, but outdoors is awesome!”

The children have plenty of opportunities to explore the woodland at their own pace. Supported by the professional playwork team, Free Range is a positive and inclusive experience for the children whose confidence can be seen to grow as they make new friends, explore and adapt to the natural surroundings.

“Working at the project is a reminder that children enjoy the same things they have always done; digging holes, playing with water, exploring, hammering, using knives and making dens.”

Find out more about Free Range here [Link to full case study]

Fre Range


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