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“I never cease to be surprised by the ability of children and young people to tell you what they think will make a difference to them and their community. All of us involved in providing them with services should always involve them and recognise their awareness and expertise”

Nancy Ovens MBE

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Scotland’s Play Awards 2017 – Winners and Commendations

Mark McDonald MSP (Minister for Childcare and Early Years) and Fraser Falconer (Nancy Ovens Trust) with 2017 winning and commended services. (Photo courtesy of Play Scotland) Play in the Community Winner - Oban Community Playpark The community park is in three zones...

Scotland’s Play Awards 2016 – Winners and Commendations

PLAY AT HOME AWARD- WINNER Vibrant Communities - Play and Intervention - East Ayrshire The team consists of just two workers, who work with 3-6 families, giving them dedicated play workers which make a huge impact on the lives of the families and children that they...

Scotland’s Play Awards 2016 Ceremony at Dumfries House

The 2016 Scotland Play Awards managed by the Nancy Ovens Trust were held next to the STEM Playground at Dumfries House, an award winner from last year. The event was well attended by representatives from play organisations and providers across Scotland on a glorious...

Scotland’s Play Awards needs your help – Trustee vacancies

The Nancy Ovens Trust is a Charity that works with support from the Scottish Government to recognise, develop and emphasise the importance of Play in the development of children. It makes the Annual Scottish Play Awards that recognise best practice in Play in four key...

National awards applaud play projects raising the bar

Grassroots play projects in Scotland have already raised the bar and many work with their local communities to set up free play facilities and get more children playing outside. The Nancy Ovens Trust is celebrating the achievements of play in Scotland with the re...

Forget swings and roundabouts; how parkour is encouraging kids to play

It is a far cry from the image of a traditional play-park with swings and roundabouts: a course of graffiti-covered walls and metal railings where kids learn to jump from building to building like trainee superheroes. Campaigners say purpose-built parkour sites are a...

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